Logistics Management and Consultancy

As Logistics Expert SparkNet is able to Manage and Administer any shipment, dealing with the necessary customs formalities on behalf of its customers and issuing industry standard shipping documentation, such as Air Waybills, Ocean Bills of Lading, CMR, etc. By request, we offer to the customers cargo insurance and where necessary we can produce and administer other more special documents, such as certificates of origin (COO), ATR’s, ATA Carnets, etc. Our expertise also enables us to provide to our customers advice on Letters of Credit and process transport documentation respecting requirements of Letters of Credit. We also are able to consult our customers on VAT application rules related to transportation of goods. We also offer services for Cross trade shipments arranging paperflow respecting confidentiality of each party involved and commercial information not to be disclosed (blind shipments).

  • - Logistics Consultancy
  • - Logistics Management
  • - Customs Clearance
  • - Letter of Credit Servicing
  • - Consular Documentation
  • - ATA Carnet Processing
  • - Cargo Insurance
  • - Cross trade or so called triangle business shipments

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